ivy records

Click on event for all-time results. *Due to time constraints… the all-time results do not include the 2008 meet (records do, however).
** The Ivy 200y breaststroke record at EISLs/IVYs is 1:58.03, Nelson Diebel (Princeton, 1991)

50y Free 19.53, Jesse Gage (Princeton, 2003)
100y Free 42.67, Alex Righi (Yale, 2008)
200y Free 1:35.42, Mike Smit (Cornell, 2006)
500y Free 4:20.11, John Cole (Harvard, 2003)
1000y Free 8:58.56, John Cole (Harvard, 2005)
1650y Free 14:58.35, John Cole (Harvard, 2003)
200y IM 1:44.67, Geoff Rathgeber (Harvard, 2007)
400y IM 3:46.69, Dan Shevchik (Harvard, 2001)
100y Back 46.99, David Cromwell (Harvard, 2006)
200y Back 1:43.17, David Cromwell (Harvard, 2006)
100y Fly 47.10, Jesse Gage (Princeton, 2003)
200y Fly 1:44:36, Doug Lennox (Princeton, 2008)
100y Breast 53.94, Dave McKechnie (Cornell, 2007)
200y Breast 1:57.93, Sergio Lopez (American, 1991)**
200y Free Relay 1:19.01, Princeton (2003)
Gage, Salerno, Hessler, Leahy
400y Free Relay 2:56.10, Harvard (2008)
Guernsey, Rathgeber, B. Jones, Quinn
800y Free Relay 6:31.72, Princeton (2003)
Chiles, Valdivieso, Salerno, Hessler
200y Medley Relay 1:27.67, Harvard (2006)
Cromwell, Rathgeber, Jones, Quinn
400y Medley Relay 3:13.34, Harvard (2008)
Diekema, Rathgeber, B. Jones, Quinn
1m Diving 576.15, Don Watson (Harvard, 1985)
3m Diving 373.10, Danil Rybalko (Harvard, 2006)


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