roll call


Putting out an APB for “Super Dog”… because our map lacks pigment.

Ground control to Super Dog; commencing countdown, engine’s on… check ignition and may this blog’s love be with you…

A year ago I asked for the masses to represent where they are from. And the masses represented their hometowns, home countries and home continents well. So I am calling on the masses once again. Because this year we are going to increase the number of states/countries/continents we reach.

The numbers to achieve are more than 21 states and three international countries. For this is 2009 and we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic blog. The Ivy League Swimming Championship will be that blog. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Just check out where the 2009 Women’s blog went. Time to catch up, lads. You’re way behind.

So as you check in to the blog – feel free to leave a comment as to where you are checking in from. All comments will be moderated and with the information that I obtain – I will again be doing a little side project.

But the side project only works if people participate. Therefore, I am requesting that you leave a comment with your name and email address – and just where you are checking in from (city, state, country). Also, feel free to leave feedback about what you like, dislike [Princeton’s running this ship so the blog is orange and black – now breathe deep, build a bridge, and get over it ;)], would like to see more of, etc.

Ex. – Ivy Alex, Princeton, N.J., United States.


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