hanna and schaffer go 1-2 in 400 individual medley


In a sea of black LZR suits, one man stood alone.

And to be completely honest, anybody that can pull off wearing a floral speedo and still be comfortable in his own skin would earn anybody else’s respect.

[And yes, I accidentally caught glimpse of it… wasn’t trying to look… that certainly wasn’t my intention… even pulled a “Is this kid serious?”… but, alas, saw the rather loud suit… everybody in attendance did]

Call it swimming couture, call it gamesmanship, call it strategy, call it whatever you will…

Just call it effective.

While seemingly everybody was focusing on his suit, Princeton’s Colin Hanna was just focused on swimming. The sophomore went the distance for the Tigers in what some consider to be the most grueling and draining event in all of swimming (even more so than the 1650 Free) — the 400 IM.

Hanna shaved three full seconds off of his preliminary time in order to take home the top spot over teammate Will Schaffer, who had qualified first with a 3:50.39.

Schaffer went under his time in the finals with a 3:48.79, but it was not enough to catch Hanna, who finished in 3:47.86.

He probably had a front row view of the trunks though.*

[* – Not particularly sure that Colin swims in those trunks — but he can be seen wearing them on the pool deck… quite the “psyche out,” Colin. +1 to you.]

To view the race in its entirety, head to FloSwimming.com.

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